Aug 2nd-Aug 8, 2019 | Brevard, NC

High schoolers, listen up. This place is amazing! When the heat in Florida is just about unbearable let's head up to Carolina Point in Brevard, NC. This place is just popping with all sorts of activities: a zipline, go carts, game room, snack bar, paddle boards, live music, mountain biking, sports, hiking, a swimming pool, and more! There is always something to do here at camp.
  1. Contact your local Campus Life director and let them know you want to go. 
  2. Get the permission form from your Campus Life director and have your parents fill it out.
  3. Turn in your permission form and your $200 deposit to your Campus Life director or the YFC office (or submit your deposit online).
  4. The sooner you get your money and forms in the cheaper the entire trip will be. 

Once you have completed the steps above your Campus Life director will work with you the rest of the way to make sure you have an amazing week at camp.

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