We are blessed to have a dedicated team of staff passionate about serving our local youth.

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Meet our Staff

  • David Killian
    Executive Director

    A graduate of Moody Bible Institute, David has a passion to empower adults to share the message of Jesus Christ with students through authentic Christ-sharing relationships. He currently leads two Campus Life Middle School clubs as well as challenges, serves, and encourages the YFC staff and adult leaders towards engaging every student in healthy relationships through all ministries in Palm Beach County.

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  • Kim Barrantes
    Ministry Director
    Parent Life/Girl Talk

    In her fourteen years of ministry with Palm Beach County Youth for Christ, Kim has been focusing on the girls in our ministries.  Whether they are middle school students sitting in a classroom or teen moms sitting around the table with their babies, Kim's desire is the same -  to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus.  She especially enjoys empowering adult leaders as they connect with the girls they are ministering to.  Kim holds her Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

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  • Walter Barrows
    Campus Life Middle 

    ​I​ am 26 yrs old, from Philadelphia​,​ Pennsylvania ​-​GO EAGLES! I love horticulture and bird watching​ and am an air guitar guru​. ​ Jesus Christ radically changed my life through a group of evangelists on a prayer walk in City Place​,​ West Palm Beach at age 22​. Since that amazing experience,​ I have ​had ​a passion for reaching the city of ​L​ake ​W​orth, ​ ​be​ing​ a light among the darkest of places within the city. I find comfort in culturally diverse atmospheres and wish to remain humble and hungry in my walk with the ​L​ord to ensure Christ​-​like servant-hood wherever I go. ​P​lease join me @ Lake Worth Middle School!

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  • Will Deal Jr

    Growing up in Lake Worth with 7 siblings and divorced parents, we struggled to make ends meet. Between my mother, father, and grandmother I was confused by the three different religions they each practiced. The division that religion created made me wonder that, if this is what God is about, why even believe? How can anyone prove God really exists? ​Consequently, alone and without purpose, I started stealing, smoking marijuana, selling drugs, and drinking by the time I was 13. After a close brush with the law, I became friends with a DJ and started hanging out with the hip hop community. When I discovered Catalyst, I was impacted by ​the Love of Christ through people who weren't judgmental and ​religious​. ​I gave my life to Christ​ and it​ finally filled the void that I have been searching for my entire life​. That's why I'm now directing Catalyst, extending the love of Christ I found to others in the Hip Hop community.​

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  • Leland Herring
    Campus Life Middle

    On staff with Youth for Christ for over 14 years, Leland directs Campus Life JAM Clubs at Emerald Cove, Woodlands, Polo Park, Okeeheelee and Wellington Landings Middle Schools. He also directs 121 (small groups for guys), Half Day Hangouts, Summer JAM and various other programs with the intent of sharing Jesus and raising Godly students. Although it may sound simple, Leland's passion for modeling The Good News to students is, "This life is temporary...The next one is Forever...A personal relationship with Christ is Everything!" Romans 5:8 is one of his favorite verses when sharing The Good News!

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  • Jeannie Hochstettler
    Leadership Development

    As the Leadership Development Coordinator, Jeannie supervises staff, facilitates training and directs Advanced Leadership Institute (ALI - an intensive program for young leaders). She also co-leads ministry at Bear Lakes Middle School. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Secondary Education from Wheaton College, Wheaton IL.  

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  • Mike James

    Previously known as the "Tax Man", Mike has worked with youth his entire adult life. He is the Financial Director and currently oversees JAM club at Duncan Middle School.  

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  • Lynn Messler
    ALI Co-Leader

    Lynn is currently volunteering her expertise assisting with Girl Talk administration, writing and editing curriculum, serving as mentor, helping to facilitate hospitality for ALI, and growing as a follower of Jesus. She has a B.A. degree in Education from Dominican College and an M.A. degree in Religion from Liberty University. As she seeks to represent Jesus to family, colleagues, and students, she is ever thankful to see how lives are being transformed through the message of Jesus Christ.

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  • Chelsea Smith
    Campus Life

    After a year of volunteering with Campus Life High School, Chelsea left her job as a cosmetologist to join Youth For Christ full time. She is the site director at Central High School and has a passion for lost students with broken homes.

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  • Cameron Smith
    Campus Life

    Cameron is one of our Site Directors for Campus Life High School. Graduating in 2014 with a degree in Graphic Design, he taught entry-level film and design classes. God had a bigger plan though, and Cameron joined Youth For Christ full time to share the love, forgiveness, and hope Christ gives us with students in our county!

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  • Meg Sterrett
    Office Manager

    Meg is the first person you see when you enter our offices. Along with keeping the office running smoothly, she also serves in both the Campus Life JAM and Girl Talk ministries. Meg’s enthusiasm and passion are fueled by a desire “to see that every middle school-er be given the opportunity to become a life-long follower of Christ, and to grow in their faith”.

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  • Tiffany Wyatt
    Parent Life

    Tiffany is a dedicated youth advocate. Her love for children is obvious, as she is a mother of 6. Her desire is to teach young mothers that true love is found in Jesus, and help them teach their children the same!

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  • Daniel Novella
    Campus Life

    Daniel grew up here in Wellington and is currently finishing up his Biology degree at Palm Beach Atlantic University in hopes of going to dental school. He was raised in the church but it was not until he went to camp while in his youth group that he really started to follow Jesus. Because he knows personally the value of experiencing the gospel during those important years in a student's life, he has felt called to work with youth. He has been working with Youth For Christ, reaching students in West Palm Beach for over 4 years and now has partnered with Christ Community Church to further the reach of the gospel to our students. 

    Daniel loves to play the guitar, run cross country and play soccer whenever he gets the chance. 

  • Thomas Wilson
    Campus Life

    Born and raised in the inner city of Jacksonville, Fl. After dedicating my life to God at the age of 16, I felt God call me to impact the upcoming generation with the message of Jesus Christ. Upon entering Palm Beach Atlantic University in 2014, I began to get involved doing evangelism with teenagers through Bow Down Church and Palm Beach County Youth for Christ. Through volunteering with these two organizations, I said yes to God's calling to the youth. In addition, I live in the inner city of West Palm Beach, with members of Bow Down Church, and do ministry with the youth in the neighborhood as well. Currently, I am completing my senior year at Palm Beach Atlantic University studying Pastoral Ministry with a minor in Psychology.