Here are some of the stories of kids reached through Youth for Christ. Watch how God is moving in the hearts of our youth.

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Mom’s Night Out

5/5/2015 in Category

Sitting at group with six teenage mothers, discussing what their childhood was like. Every story was different, but exactly the same. They each came from a home where the dad was missing.... More

Family Transformation

5/4/2015 in Category

The bus rolled into the parking lot on Saturday evening. Forty-nine students and a dozen adult leaders poured through the bus doors into a crowd of awaiting parents. We were all exhausted,... More

Brokenness is Bountiful

5/3/2015 in Category

This past week at our Campus Life Clubs I shared a message about Family, and God's inention for them to be a support system, etc. (much like Ruth & Naomi) to us. After one of my clubs,... More

Marisa’s Affirmation

5/2/2015 in Category

It has been over three years, yet it seemed as though it were yestereday. Last week I sat in Marisa's home, drinking hcoffee. Her husband was at work; kids at school-heroldest home with a... More

Will Deal’s Story

5/1/2015 in Category

Will Deal was born and raised in the Lake Worth area. After a confusing religious message from his parents, one a Jehovah Witness, the other agnostic; it had Will questioning God's very... More