Archives: April 2015

Jason’s Leadership

4/30/2015 in Category

I first met Jason at the Crestwood Middle School JAM Club several years ago. He was a rambunctious and somewhat difficult middle school boy who participated every Friday morning. Over time... More

From the Streets to Graduation

4/29/2015 in Category

Sitting at Burger King, Myesha was struggling to list those in her life who loved her. She started with her uncle, her daughter, Tyasia, and then got stuck. Her mentor, Elizabeth, just... More

Dillon’s Decision

4/28/2015 in Category

Like a lot of kids, Dillon was wrestling with the many changes in his life as he watched his home split in half. Two hoseholds were tough. In November, he found his way to our JAM Club... More

Reminiscing, Realizing, Reminding

4/27/2015 in Category

Sitting across the table at Cracker Barrel was a 21 year old former student of mine who was in from out of town and wanted to get together.

We reminisced about the “old day”of taking him... More