Brokenness is Bountiful

Posted on by Michael James

This past week at our Campus Life Clubs I shared a message about Family, and God's inention for them to be a support system, etc. (much like Ruth & Naomi) to us. After one of my clubs, "Gwen" came up to my female leader, who is also a mom, and said with tears welling up in here eyes, "I'm tired of moving back and forth between my parents."

It's difficult to comfort students sometimes when they eat , sleep and breathe brokenness. Yet, my leader hugged, counseled, consoled, and prayed with Gwen.

Many of our students live and grow up in the brokenness of divorce and dysfunction. Your prayers, support and service help us reach the brokenhearted with the Hope of Jesus. Thank you.

Cry, Hug, Pray, Hope.

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