Dillon’s Decision

Posted on by Michael James

Like a lot of kids, Dillon was wrestling with the many changes in his life as he watched his home split in half. Two hoseholds were tough. In November, he found his way to our JAM Club which met on Thursdays at his middle school. At club, Dillon met Jared, one of our volunteer leaders, who listened to Dillon and encouraged him.

It became Dillon's Thursday morning routine. Get up an hour early; make is way to school; have fun at JAM Club; listen to the life-changing message of Jesus Christ; and talk with Jared. Finally, one morning he decided that he wanted to begin a relationship with Christ.

That decision has brough even more changes to Dillon's life, including baptism. Two weeks ago, in front of family members and Jared's church, Dillon shared publicly his new-found faith in Christ.

Thank you for helping spread Chist's mesage of salvation to teenagers like DIllon. These young people surrounded by hopelessness, shame, hatred, and self destruction need to know God's power, love, and forgiveness.

Every act of encouragement is important. Every gift allows us to continue reaching youth for Christ. Every partner is vital.

The Great Give Event begins on May 5, 5:00pm for 24 hours - Click here: Youth for Christ OR call 844.448.3329 and designate Youth for Christ

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