From the Streets to Graduation

Posted on by Michael James

Sitting at Burger King, Myesha was struggling to list those in her life who loved her. She started with her uncle, her daughter, Tyasia, and then got stuck. Her mentor, Elizabeth, just smiled at her. Myesha said, "You love me too, Miss Elizabeth!" Her story starts long before this conversation.

Myesha was admittedly a "wild child." Growing up in Dubar Village, one of the worse government housing communities in the greater West Palm Beach area, was not easy. Having a drug addicted mentally ill mother did not help either. Without the guidance needed in those formative years, Myesha ran the streets, skipped school, stayed out all night and didn't care about anything. It was during her 6th grade year the she "broke her virginity", in an attempt to find the love she so desperately needed.

At 13, Myesha found herself pregnant and alone. The boy was still running the streets, eventually going to jail where has remained. Myesha's future looked bleak. She came in contact with Youth for Christ through the alternative middle school that she attended. It was only when she allowed YFC to step into her story that she was connected with Elizabeth. She came to understand that she wasn't alone and that there was aheavenly father who loved her beyond measure.

It has been a rough road for Myesha. She learned early on that statistics say she probably wouldn't finish school and as a result Tyasia wouldn't either. She desperately wanted to change that. Her focus became graduating from high school When her reading skills weren't up to grade level, Elizabeth invested the time into helping her get ready for her final tests. Against allodds, ha year ago Myesha walked across the stage and received her H.S. diploma (with a very proud mentor mom in the audience)! Just last month, she walked down the aisle and married a wonderful Christian man who loves her and her daughter.

It has been a process for Myesha, one that continues to have struggles. But, she wants to do things God's way. She has been working consistenly, has her own place and is plugged into Jay Ministries, a local church. Elizabeth has continued to walk alongside her and her husband. She is growing in her knowledge of who God is and he is transforming her heart and her life.

Through the ministries of YFC, and the local church, Myesha is well on her way of becoming a life long follower of Jesus Christ.

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