Learn to Swim

Posted on by Michael James

Cedarious appeared in front of our YFC office with his mother. He was ready to hit the beach on Peanut Island with our leaders and 50 or so middle schoolers.

The events we planned for the students were fun, the burgers and dogs were tasty and the weather was near perfect. But as we went through our busy program, I noticed that Cedarious didn't go in the water. Later in the afternoon, I happened to be standing with one of our college leaders named Jacob. Cedarious was nearby and I asked him why he didn't go in the water. He said, "I don't know how to swim." Jacob immediately volunteered, "I'll teach you how to swim!"

Jacob lead Cedarious into waist deep water and for the next 40 minues patiently worked with Cedarious demonstrating how to dog paddle and put his head underwater. Cedarious tried and tried as Jacob patiently helped him. Of course Cedarious didn't quite learn to swim, but the Jesus-like care of a willing college-aged leader began building a bridge of relationship with Cedarious.

Cedarious didn't respond to our gospel presentation that afternoon, but I am convinced that one day soon he will.

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