Marisa’s Affirmation

Posted on by Michael James

It has been over three years, yet it seemed as though it were yestereday. Last week I sat in Marisa's home, drinking hcoffee. Her husband was at work; kids at school-heroldest home with a tummy ache, her toddler sleeping in the other room. We were reminiscing about our history together.

I met Marisa when she was 13 and pregnant. Without parental support, things didn't look good for her future. Marisa's journey was filled with a lot of highs and lows-break ups, no place to stay, pregnant again, struggles to finish school, all while caring for a baby and then two. There were celbration; my favorite was sitting with Marisa at a Parent Life retreat as tshe prayed to receive Jesus, knowing that she didn't need to change to come to Him because He wanted her heart.

But change she did. Through the following years she received her GED, Med Tech license, got married, and is growing in her relationship with Jesus. Things aren't perfect, but she loves the Lord, loves her husband and loves her four children.

She had memories of her own. She laughted as she remembered my responses when she told me she had gotten pregnant again, or was in a relationship with another girl. She affirmed that I cried. But then she said this, "You love me, and even though I knew how you felt, I never felt judged. If you had responded any other way, things might be differet." I thank the Holy Spirit for moving in those circumstances.

Marisa had a grandma who was on her knees praying for her every day. She also had Parent Life. Thank you for making it possible for a pregnant 13 year old to have her life changed by Christ. Your prayers and partnership is transforming lives.

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