Reminiscing, Realizing, Reminding

Posted on by Michael James

Sitting across the table at Cracker Barrel was a 21 year old former student of mine who was in from out of town and wanted to get together.

We reminisced about the “old day”of taking him (with mom’s permission) to hang out and talk because he was having a rough day, him being the “last minute” Campus Life Club President, long talks in the car, driving to the west coast to speak, etc.

Dylan later texted, “I enjoyed it I’m glad I got to see you! You had a big impact on my life and still do. I appreciate everything you have done for me LH!…Yes, he is the God of second chance and after talking to you and “B” today helped me realize and reminded me that God is just amazing!”

I was reminded why we do what we do…sharing the Life-Changing Message of Jesus Christ with students. It’s not just so student can get through middle school! The mission goes far beyond that! Thank you for being a part of this Journey, specifically, Dylan’s.

We reminisced, He realized, I was reminded…

Thanks Dylan, I needed that!

Leland Herring
Campus Life JAM

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