Seeking Purpose

Posted on by Michael James

Henry has not made a personal decision to follow Jesus. Yet, he is thriving in Campus Life and is receptive to our message and the mentoring relationships he has with our team as he seeks truth and the purpose of his existence. 

Henry’s family situation is difficult. His father is not in the picture, so he lives with his mother and her boyfriend. He has three sisters that live scattered across the Mid-West. Henry and his sisters have all been through multiple foster care systems. They manage to stay in touch with each other and cherish every minute they spend together on the telephone. He has not seen his sisters for two years.

Henry's previous exposure to Jesus was during his mandated attendance at a private Catholic school while in foster care. He tells me has read through the entire bible. At the age of thirteen, and with the life experiences he has had, he has formed several well-researched opinions and theories about life and God. Yet, Henry is falling in love with God more and more every week. We had the honor of worshiping Jesus this past Sunday at church with Henry; who nearly sang every word projected on the screen.

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