Will Deal’s Story

Posted on by Michael James

Will Deal was born and raised in the Lake Worth area. After a confusing religious message from his parents, one a Jehovah Witness, the other agnostic; it had Will questioning God's very existence. With the family having very little, Will started a life down a dangerous path of stealing, selling, and using drugs to fit in with his peers. A brush with the law made him realize fitting in wasn't worth it and becoming friends with a local DJ at the same time helped him to change the path he was on. Will became very involved in the Hip-Hop community and said he actually felt the love of Christ through the staff at Catalyst that wasn't judgmental or religous. Will made a decision to follow Christ one night after Bible Study, became a volunteer leader, and a is no in the process of becoming a part time staff member at PBC YFC. Him living out his faith has impacted others in the Hip-Hop community to also make decisions for Christ.

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